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CloudOCM - Core - OCM Guide/Email Templates/Video Guide

CloudOCM - Core - OCM Guide/Email Templates/Video Guide

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Communication is the key to any successful migration.

In this documentation set we take you through the fundamentals of how the communications to the userbase can best be achieved. Providing guidance from how to name your project through to the different OCM tracks that you can use.

By also providing all of the Email Templates you can easily communicate to all of your users. Simply pick a track that suits your migration and then view the emails that are appropriate for that track.

Samples of these are in the product pictures on here and also on the main website.

Included is also the full Video Guide that also links from the Email Templates, giving you the ability to quickly offer training options to the userbase to suit your migration.

If you are migrating to Teams or SharePoint for example, then there are training videos available here to link to, to guide your users on the new environment. We even have videos to use for how to use the Microsoft 365 Portal, navigate the new Outlook client, sync OneDrive/Teams data to your local PC, setup your Android device and more.

With this product you are provided with the full set of resources to communicate with your users and make the migration a success.


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