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Create Dummy Test Users in Active Directory

Create Dummy Test Users in Active Directory

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There are times that you need to have a ton of test accounts in your local Active Directory. You could be preparing for a migration and want to test things on a data source larger than a few pilot users. You could be creating a new structure and want to test how things would look when populated with real accounts.

Either way, don't create them all with TestUser1, TestUser2! That always looks ugly. Instead, use this script to populate the accounts with real looking data. With actual first/last names, with addresses, emails, titles etc.

User this sheet to create as many accounts as you need, all unique. Then simply drop it into PowerShell and watch them all magically appear in the required OU.

Definitely a handy script to have, especially as all the PowerShell is created for you to easily perform the task.

Mark - The Cloud Geezer.

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