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Microsoft 365 Discovery Tool

Microsoft 365 Discovery Tool

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Menu Driven PowerShell script to report on Mailboxes, OneDrive, Teams, SharePoint, DL, Contacts, Guests, Public Folders, Security/Unified Groups, Azure AD Devices, License Information and more from your Microsoft 365 tenant.

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It creates a spreadsheet report that can be easily used as a migration runsheet, filterable and containing a lot of very useful information. Especially in that migration stance.

Full mailbox details, showing aliases, SMTP addresses, storage used, inbox counts, delegated permissions, roles, licenses, mailbox types, last access times, calendar permissions and legacyExchangeDN details.

OneDrive reports, line matched against the mailbox report, again showing usage and last access times.

Full Tenant SharePoint report, sites, usage, storage, teams links. Including SharePoint Libraries.

Full Tenant Teams report, teams, channels, private channels, permissions, ownership and usage.

MFA details for all users, MFA registration status, MFA type, enforcement details and last usage times.

Full Distribution Lists with membership, Contact Lists, Guest Membership

Public Folders, Security Groups and Unified Groups.

Azure AD Devices details including Join Type, Last Use, Registration Dates, OS Versions and User Information.

M365 License Information and Consumption.

All contained in a nicely created spreadsheet at the end.

Very easily take the data from your tenant and let it create the scripts necessary to provision these identities on your target tenant with a new UPN suffix. Making migration provisioning extremely fast whether you need Mail Contacts, Mail Users or Mailbox Users. It can also create the Mail User identities with Exchange GUID and Legacy Exchange DN for MRS mapping. All in the target tenant with the new target UPN suffix.

If you are working with a Microsoft 365 tenant, whether it is for your own or for a client, it is often necessary to obtain a decent report of what is there. You may want to know about all the Mailboxes that are in Exchange Online, Sizing, Delegate information, Licenses, a full listing of Microsoft Teams with members, channel permissions and data sizes, OneDrive sizes/usage, Distribution Lists, Contacts, Guest Accounts and SharePoint sites/data/usage, SharePoint Libraries, Public Folders, Unified Groups, Security Groups, Azure AD Devices, Calendar Permissions and License Information. Lastly it also collects MFA details, showing who has it enforced, who has registered for MFA and the type of authentication (App/Txt/Call) that they selected, the phone number and phone type used, and the last logon date/time. All of the data is bundled up nicely into a very usable Excel file.

All updates to the scripts are available for life. Whenever I update the script I push out a download link for the new version to anybody that has ever purchased it.

With this PowerShell script you can get all this information in one go, or individually, compiled into a single XLS file for easy filtering and reporting. 

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