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SharePoint Sites/Files Discovery Report

SharePoint Sites/Files Discovery Report

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An M365 SharePoint Sites and Files Discovery Report.

Getting a full list of every file in your organizations' Share Point environment can be difficult via the normal consoles and reports. What I put together here is a scripted way to attach to the tenant and export both a Site Collection report and a Site File Report showing all the details you need to know.

The Site Collection report shows the main details for each of the sites including.

  • Title
  • Owner
  • Status
  • Storage Used(MB)
  • Storage Quota(MB)
  • URL
  • Last Content Modified
  • Teams Connected?
  • Teams Channel Connected?

From this you can get a great overview of the SharePoint landscape, including the sites that are part of a Teams connected backend. 

In addition to this, I have added a separate report that details all of the file information in each of the Site Collections as well. This provides the following data.

  • Site Collection
  • Item Type
  • Directory
  • Filename
  • File ID
  • File Type
  • Relative URL
  • Created By/Created Time
  • Modified By/Modified Time
  • File Size (MB)
  • Checked Out User - (if checked out)
  • Unique Permissions

The Site Library Report is produced also and contain the following information on all of the Document Libraries in the SharePoint environment.

  • SPO Site
  • SPO Site URL
  • Library Title
  • Type
  • Access to Site
  • Is Catalog
  • Created Date
  • Document Count
  • Document Size (MB)
  • URL
  • Default View URL
  • Item Count
  • Last Item User Modified Date
  • ParentWebURL
  • ID
  • Is Private

All the reports that are created are output in both a CSV and XLSX format. The XLSX file is created in a way you can instantly use it to provide a solid and functional base to any filtering, pivot table or user permission lookup that you need.

Please look at the website - - for full instructions on how to use and run it all.

The YouTube channel for The Cloud Geezer can be found here -

Mark - The Cloud Geezer -


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